JazzCo Services Offered:

During this class, the instructors will take simple movements such as jumping jacks, squats, and lunges and wrap those movements around the beat of the music. JazzCo members will enjoy working out to their favorite songs while being surrounded by a FUN atmosphere. JazzCo Fitness is very diverse and we love the fact that every client can walk through the door and find someone who looks like them. We have clients of all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and fitness levels in our classes.

Includes choreographed routines which are cool, FUN, and full of Energy. This class offers medium/fast paced routines to your favorite hip-hop jamz and is guaranteed to get your heart and lungs in shape, shed the fat and tone your butt.

Sometimes we need to switch things up and do some good old fashioned bootcamp outdoors. Its also a perfect way to trick your muscles and work out areas that you are not used to working out. So if you need that extra push towards meeting your goals, this is the class for you!

Are you looking to shrink your waistline? Tired of those love handles? Often times we hear people complain about their stomachs and we know this is the #1 area that everyone wants to work on! This is why we created the ABC (Abs Booty & Curves) Bootcamp Class. Participants who complete this class will see an average reduction of 3-4 inches off their waistline within three weeks. During the ABC Bootcamp class, participants will be doing a minimum of 500 crunches a day. The styles of ab workouts will range from basic crunches to bicycles and planks and will also include the latest and greatest ab workouts targeting those stubborn areas in order to firm your deep ab muscles and shrink that belly fat.

We will also be doing crazy unique yet “fun” challenges utilizing chairs and mats to help tone up the butt and thighs. You will learn these simple unique workouts and will also be able to do them from home. By the end of this month you will definitely love how your jeans fit!

We will utilize a mixture of body weight exercises, calisthenics, squats, and a variety of unique exercises that target the calves, hamstrings, glutes, lower/middle back, arms and shoulders to keep you curvy and looking good!

Have a Special Event coming up? Do you need that extra PUSH and Accontability Coach to help you to reach your goals? Well this is the challenge for you. We work with you one on one and create customized plans designed just for you to help to push you to exceed your goals. Join the Challenge Today!